Summer Staple: White Crochet Sundress

Friday, July 24, 2015

"The only acceptable way of wasting your time on earth is online shopping" - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Recently I discovered and I'm obsessed with everything on their website. Their stuff is actually decently priced and it's free shipping! One thing I really appreciated about this website was that it shows you so many pictures of people wearing the clothes- which I found really helpful because it gave me a better idea of how it was going to look on me. I picked up this crochet sundress along with a couple other items I'll be doing upcoming blog posts about soon! Also disclaimer I am not at all sponsored I just am addicted to online shopping and cannot be stopped. This (unfortunately) all came out of my very sad looking bank account. 
The dress retails for $24.90. It also came with a basic brown belt but I decided I liked it better without. Here's a direct link to the dress (which is technically a top but ya know). The only thing that was a little annoying was how long it took to ship (it took a full week and then some) but I guess that's what you get with free shipping. 

Obviously this is a crochet dress and therefore has holes, so I wore an ASOS white bralette and a pair of light American Apparel Easy Jean shorts underneath. 

The lace up boots I got from Forever 21 about a year ago. The two rings are from Brandy Melville (super cheap I think each for about $5 or $6 dollars) and the two bracelets are also from Forever 21. 

When I eventually left the house (lol) I grabbed my trusty leather bag from Madewell. I got this back in the day when I worked there because the only way I could possibly afford this bag was with a heavily promotional employee discount code. Yay working in retail. 
Shoutout to my newly adopted kitty Marcus. He's such an asshole but he's cute so we'll let it slide.

Until next time,
Christy x

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