Summer OOTD feat. New lace up booties

I apologize for the lack of posts lately, ever since I started working at Anthropologie the harsh realities of capitalism in America has exhausted me to my core. Also just a little disclaimer, I've been having a lot of trouble with my camera lately so the quality of these pictures aren't the best. Hopefully that will be resolved at some point but I cannot currently afford a new camera so we will just have to make do for now!

I love this top because first off, it was cheap and also because its really light and airy so it's perfect for hot and humid summer days. But I can also see myself wearing this top during fall with some pants and boots, layered with a knit sweater or under a leather jacket. I really like how the tie hangs and it's adjustable too which is always a plus! 

Top: Forever 21
Bottoms: American Apparel
Shoes: Francescas 
Please ignore the BBQ, I was too afraid to move it. 

Obsessed with these shoes. I don't normally shop at Francescas but I stumbled upon these booties while shopping the other day and fell in love. They were about fifty dollars which I didn't think was that bad. Definitely going to be checking out their shoes in the future before going back to school.   
I wore this same outfit but with white high waisted jeans and it looked really nice as well, definitely a good option for those chilly summer nights! 
These shoes have a bit of a higher heel than I was initially comfortable with, but I really like the way they make my legs look longer. It's taken a couple wears to get used to but I'm really enjoying them! 
I feel like purchasing these shoes is symbolic of my emergence into adulthood. **I will come up with an extensive amount of crap to excuse my impulsive spending habits** No but seriously, I feel successful businesswoman, sex in the city chic in these shoes. 
Marcus clearly not reciprocating my love. 

Until next time, 
Christy x 

5 things I miss about America while living in the U.K.

1. Driving

Probably the biggest thing I miss about America when I'm at school is driving. The first couple weeks (months) living in the U.K. I was perpetually shocked at how much everyone walks. I thought it was preposterous to walk for longer than ten minutes and complained about it every chance I got (how did I make friends is the real question). My mind was spoiled to my predisposed notion that it is mandatory to have a car to get to where you need to go because in America, everything is so spaced out walking is most of the time out of the question. And while the U.K. has superior public transportation and the convenience of being able to walk basically everywhere, there are times when I crave the therapeutic freedom that comes from driving my own car to wherever I want to go. What I found is that I really missed driving for the longest time, but then you get into a routine of walking and that turns into your therapeutic substitute, not to mention that I felt so much more active and healthy living in the U.K. because of the amount of walking I did.

2. Fall/Seasons in general

This is something I really find myself struggling with. Fall is by far my favorite season. I love everything about it. The thick knitted sweaters, cinnamon scented candles, warm seasonal drinks, leather boots and jackets, the sound of crunching leaves, football games and pink noses. Even the air has a special scent during fall and my entire neighborhood is covered in a thick blanket of red and yellow leaves that trickle down from the sky throughout the day. I hate to break it to all you Brits, but you're really missing out on this one. Fall (and seasons in general) don't really exist over there. There are no drastic definitives, everything just kinda stays temperate and the seasons blur into each other throughout the year. This can be a positive though, you don't have to deal with super harsh snowstorms and below freezing temperatures as much as you do in the States during winter. But it also means not experiencing my favorite time of the year. Luckily though, term doesn't start until super late as compared to U.S. universities, so I get to stay home until late September which means I will be soaking up all the fall I can get until I have to leave. AKA hoarding fall scented candles from Bath&BodyWorks and smuggling them in my suitcase. 

3. Iced Coffee

Iced coffee just tastes miles better than hot coffee and that's just a fact of life. I mainly included this because I always crave a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee when I'm at school. And then I remember, there's no Dunkin in sight and it's raining and cold so iced coffee wouldn't be all that satisfying anyway. There's nothing better than mass produced, cheap coffee on a hot summer day. Nuff said.

4. Free refills

One time when I was younger I went out to dinner with my grandparents (who live in the U.K.) and my brother and I kept ordering orange juices assuming that free refills came with the first one we got (and because they gave us a minuscule sized amount in the first place- that's another thing, PORTION SIZES). At the end of the night there were about twelve orange juice charges on the bill and my grandparents were not amused. And I remember my grandma having a talk with us and telling us that free refills weren't a thing and my eleven year old self was horrified. Still am.

5.Obnoxious patriotism

And lastly, you'll miss the all consuming American pride. I recognize that this attribute of America is particularly annoying and obnoxious but if you're from the states living abroad, then I know you can relate.

Until next time,
Christy x 

Cozy & Clean: New house homeware

As much as I love stocking up on homeware, I think it's more worthwhile to invest in a a few staple pieces to avoid clutter and unnecessary spending. I already have a some good homeware pieces in York from last year that I decided to keep- like fairy lights, photo frames, blankets and a few bits and bobs. This summer has been all about downsizing for me. I've come to the conclusion it's not about having a mass amount of stuff to fill your room with, but rather a smaller collection of good staple pieces. Being smart about what you choose to buy avoids making pointless purchases and unnecessary spending. However there are some things you do need mass amounts of like blankets, candles and pillows and I will not be convinced otherwise. 
If you hadn't already picked up on it, I love white. Something about white is so relaxing and calming to me. The combination of wood and white makes me so happy. The room I'm living in next year is coming fully furnished, luckily with wood pieces. I want the vibe of this room to be cozy and clean. This means minimal clutter and lots of white everywhere.  
The bed is the most important component of a bedroom (obviously) which to me justifies splurging on bedding. Even before I began working at Anthropologie I've been in love with their bedding. Inevitably, my obsession has only increased since working there and being surrounded by their beautiful homeware collection constantly. 

1. Georgina Duvet from Anthropologie retails for $328.00 – $398.00 and comes in five colors. I know this is a lot to spend for bedding, but this duvet is absolutely beautiful and the only way I can justify it is through an employee appreciation discount. You can take a look at it right here. This duvet has been on display in the store for a while now and every time I pass by it I want to just curl up inside. It's so white and frilly and puffy how can I resist?! 

2. TISDAG LED work lamp from (U.K. version). 

3. OFELIA throw blanket from (again U.K. version) is beautiful and retails for twenty pounds. There's nothing to really justify this purchase other than the fact I think it's is so cute and will look really nice layered over the duvet. Check it out here

4. Acra Jewerly Box from Anthropologie. I love this because it's see through and has three separate sections. It's also really small and compact which is great for those of you sparse on storage. 

5. LUDDE Sheepskin rug from Ikea. I think this will look really nice either on the floor as a rug or draped over the desk chair. 

Above are a couple pictures of the room and house I will be living in come September. I'm so excited to start decorating and making this place my home. I'm also incredibly excited because this will be the first time in my life owning a full sized bed. Moving on up in life what can I say. 

Until next time, 
Christy x 

Coffee Chat #2: Living in the moment

I have a couple exciting fashion posts coming up but those are going to require more time to put together. So as of now, I'm going to be doing a really rambling, random Coffee Chat. Enjoy! 

Me and some friends last week at the Nicki Minaj concert (life changing). To quote my queen "Cherish these days, man do they go quick, just yesterday I swear it was '06." Thought it was relevant :) 
A repeated question I get from both friends and family is, "so where do you think you're gonna live when university finishes? Live in the U.K. or come back to the states?" I find this question a little humorous because I then picture the two countries fighting it out for my residency- each one hoping I'll choose them to run away with, following the true longing of whatever my heart desires... I got a bit carried away. Moving on.

Touristy picture in front of the Abbey of St Mary ruins in York during first term.

There are pros and cons to living in both places and I can't honestly say what will happen and where I might end up living after uni. As of now I'm happy splitting my time between my two lovers and enjoying getting to know each one a little bit better ;)

I actually have a friend at university who funnily enough grew up in the same area I'm from! She was saying how she likes the other country more when she's not currently living there. So for example, she's annoying patriotic about the states when she's in the U.K. but is more aware of the issues and cons of living in America when she's psychically there and vice versa. I was thinking about that, and it's actually quite common for people to gloss over the imperfections of a situation when they're not currently living them. 

Example A: High school. I adoringly reflect on my high school experience as if it came straight out of a fictional teen movie. I mentally completely omit parts that I actually hated about high school and only reflect on the fond picture perfect memories. But no, High school was really fucking hard at times. I (forcefully) can make myself relive the "my life is over" drama, the petty gossip and feeling trapped with the same people for four seemingly endless years. 

Thinking I was cool at a fall football game going into my senior year of high school. Note the notorious Vera Bradley pouch in my hand glamorously displaying my drivers license. If you don't know the significance of those patterned pouches then good for you. Also tbt to before I knew how to use a flat iron.   

Don't get me wrong, there are certainly things I miss about high school and overall I would say I had a good experience. But I think what I mainly miss is the consistency and comfortability. Life after high school hits you with a wave of uncertainty and unpredictability. University (especially in the U.K.) doesn't spoon feed you. You're suddenly thrown into the real world with a batch of just as confused baby faced young adults and you're all scrambling to find your place and regain some of that consistency/comfortability you once naively thought you had an abundance of. 

Glossing over imperfections can be dangerously deceiving.. you'll find yourself daydreaming about this perfectly picturesque memory and wishing you could go back to that instead of truly living your life in the moment. Whenever I got homesick or things got dull at school, I would immediately start longing to be home thinking that would solve all my problems. And while home is great, nowhere is perfect. University life isn't always going to be perfect and neither is being home. Why was I wasting so much time and energy worried about where I'd be happier than focusing on making myself happy in the moment? There's this really great article which I'll link right here. I especially like the bit where it says,

"think back to all those irrelevant and idiotic worries you had at 14. You were worrying about boys, clothes and reputations when you should have just been enjoying your youth, getting away with all those childish things you only had a few years left to experience." 

By building up the image of home in my head as this perfect paradise escape I wasn't living in the moment at school. And now that I'm home I can see myself doing the same thing when I would start to endure a lull- It's so counterproductive. Why not just appreciate these two places for what they are, and accept their faults as well as their attributes. Therefore I'm making a promise to myself to live in the moment more. I'm going to enjoy myself and my rapidly reseeding youth by making the most of my time abroad and I'll worry about future things in the future. So my message to all you worry warts out there is to stop. Don't let looking back on your time at university the way you look back on your younger years.. wishing you spent more time enjoying them and doing the best you can rather than stressing about your future self.

Until next time, 
Christy xx 

Summer Staple: White Crochet Sundress

"The only acceptable way of wasting your time on earth is online shopping" - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Recently I discovered and I'm obsessed with everything on their website. Their stuff is actually decently priced and it's free shipping! One thing I really appreciated about this website was that it shows you so many pictures of people wearing the clothes- which I found really helpful because it gave me a better idea of how it was going to look on me. I picked up this crochet sundress along with a couple other items I'll be doing upcoming blog posts about soon! Also disclaimer I am not at all sponsored I just am addicted to online shopping and cannot be stopped. This (unfortunately) all came out of my very sad looking bank account. 
The dress retails for $24.90. It also came with a basic brown belt but I decided I liked it better without. Here's a direct link to the dress (which is technically a top but ya know). The only thing that was a little annoying was how long it took to ship (it took a full week and then some) but I guess that's what you get with free shipping. 

Obviously this is a crochet dress and therefore has holes, so I wore an ASOS white bralette and a pair of light American Apparel Easy Jean shorts underneath. 

The lace up boots I got from Forever 21 about a year ago. The two rings are from Brandy Melville (super cheap I think each for about $5 or $6 dollars) and the two bracelets are also from Forever 21. 

When I eventually left the house (lol) I grabbed my trusty leather bag from Madewell. I got this back in the day when I worked there because the only way I could possibly afford this bag was with a heavily promotional employee discount code. Yay working in retail. 
Shoutout to my newly adopted kitty Marcus. He's such an asshole but he's cute so we'll let it slide.

Until next time,
Christy x

Sushi Bowl- The cheap and quick meal for the lazy and broke uni student

***Disclaimer: This post is embarrassingly overdue but better late than never***

Due to the fact that we were cooking this one of the last weeks left of uni, my friend Mia and I literally used anything we could find and pooled our scarce resources together. We managed to obtain some bell peppers, avocado, mushrooms and brown rice and concocted a delicious sushi bowl recipe which was incredibly filling and super easy to make. 

What we used: 

  • Long grain brown rice (however much you want, we eyeballed it)
  • 1/2 pack of mushrooms
  • 1 avocado 
  • 2 bell peppers 
  • Tamari soy sauce 

All you need to do is chop up all your ingredients into bite sized portions! 

I had heard about this from one of my favorite vegan bloggers who I'll link below (I'm not vegan I just really enjoy food posts) and decided to give it a try and I absolutely love it! Every student needs one of these in their cupboard as it makes any bland meal instantly delicious. 

I personally don't like raw mushrooms so we threw a batch of them into a saucepan with some olive oil and let them cook for about ten minutes- Of course this is optional and increases the amount of prep time but I think it's totally worth it. PS some of these mushrooms are green because they were touching the avocado- not because they were moldy just wanted to put that out there. 

Mia had a really good sweet potato fry recipe which I'll link right here. They were damn good and went so well with the savory sushi bowls.  

Our finished product! All you do is put the rice at the bottom of the bowl and layer the various veggies on top! And there you go- two beautiful sushi bowls topped with tamari sauce (I say topped, but I completely drenched my sushi bowl with that stuff, seriously it's so good). 

I had my sushi bowl with some green tea and Mia had hers with some Turkish Apple tea :)

Hope this helped some of you combat the endeavor of feeding yourselves when you literally have zero cooking skills and very little ingredients because you've spent all your money on clothes and cocktails (I'm speaking from experience if you can't tell).


Simple Summer Staple + Random Rant

Washington D.C. is literally a swamp town and tends to gets incredibly hot and humid, so the classic combo of jean shorts + tank top is a must. I decided to have a little impromptu photoshoot in my backyard to display one of my go-to summer outfits that requires minimal effort but still manages to look cute and put together.

The tank top is from Brandy Melville and I love it mainly because of the neckline which I think is so flattering. If I'm looking for a quick go-to outfit I mainly lean towards tops that are black and white and/or stripped (just because they are so classic and basically go with everything).  
I'm not really into flimsy flipflops during the summer time. I'm obsessed with white shoes (and white in general) and so I paired this outfit with my beloved Vans I bought last summer. I probably need to buy a new pair due to the fact these are disgustingly dirty and stained forever (I stupidly wore them to a foam party during freshers week and they've never fully recovered). 
Seriously who wears real bras anymore? Especially during the summer time I cannot be bothered. This white lace bralette is from ASOS and I wear it under everything. Never looking back.  

Middle Ring: Forever 21, Arrow Ring: ASOS
Please ignore my nails and my toe thumb. This really cool ring is from ASOS.  

The shorts are the Easy Jean Short from American Apparel and they are so incredibly comfortable and fit me like a glove. My only complaint is that they crease easily throughout the day but if that doesn't bother you then they're perfect! 

Celebrating the fact that I had just received a call telling me I had gotten the job at Anthropologie! 

Ear jacket earrings are so cool and edgy looking - these ones were super cheap and from Forever 21.  

I got a little carried away with the photo taking... using real cameras instead of your Iphone is exciting okay!  

Just a quick reminder to embrace your beauty and remember to dress for yourself and your body type.

Fun fact one time in high school the boy who had asked me to junior year homecoming drunkingly came up to me at a party senior year and kindly suggested I consider stuffing my bra. My teenage self didn't fully recognize the ignorance of his comment and politely walked away, however I would like to take this time to properly respond to his comment/anybody else who feels the need to comment on the size of someone else's body. 

When he who shall not be named made this comment to me it was the first time I had ever forcefully been confronted with body shaming in my life. It's sad that this in itself is actually quite lucky for a teenage girl, I had always been praised for being naturally thin and envied by the fact that I could eat buckets full of crap and not gain a pound.  

However when it happened I could see how outward comments about another person's size can really take a toll on your self esteem. Of course, my prepubescent self had insecurities about my size, but it's when those thoughts are confirmed by another person is when it really can make you start to doubt yourself. When this happened I remember being more mad at the fact that he had the audacity to say that to me, than the actual comment itself. What gives other people the right to pass judgment on someone else based on the way that they look? I'm happy with the way that I look and I dress for myself. 

So to conclude from this little tangent away from a simple outfit of the day post, people are truly beautiful in all shapes and sizes- Embrace how you look and work with whatcha got. 

Lots of love,

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